Monday, September 27, 2010

Clouds on the Water

Photo Club members are great at looking at the world from a slightly different angle. We have some gorgeous shots from last Thursday's bush-walk that give you a new perspective on skies and water. 

Kayla frames big sky and calm waters at the boat launch.

Megan had framed this photo and was about to snap it when Lyric stepped into it!

 Chantal documents the late afternoon sky over the Waswanipi River.

When he described this photo, Robin said that he "got the tipi with the sun on the side."

Here, Robin "was waiting for the sunset so I took the picture earlier, before the sun set."

When the time was right, Robin focused on  "the sunset with a tree in it."

Traci took this picture because she "saw the clouds on the water."

 Traci turned her attention to the sky through the filter of the tipi point.

Thanks Gang!

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