Thursday, April 21, 2011

Video Stills

We've been working on making a Bigfoot Video, and the students have been taking some still images with the video cameras. Here's a look behind the scenes! (thanks to Quinton, Donovan, Antonio for their photography skills:)

Here are some more stills from other video projects the students have been working on...

Smoothies and Muffins on Wednesday, oh my!

Bonnie brought us some delicious recipes for super-fibrous muffins and splendiferous smoothies. So yummy! Thank you to our many talented photographers for capturing this activity!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Secondary Book Fair

Annette, our librarian, is hosting a Scholastic Book Fair in the secondary school library this week. Stop by to stock up on books before you head into the bush for Goose Break!   All photos were taken by Eternity Gull. Thanks Eternity :)

Thanks for bringing us books, Annette!

Our accountant, Miah!

Beeswax Lipbalm Bee

After school on Monday we learnt how to make natural beeswax lipbalm from scratch. We started with the lipbalm base (beeswax, grapeseed oil and vitamin E oil) and added the flavours we wanted. We made peppermint, cinnamon-mint and citronella (perfect for the buggy bush!).

Mmm Bannock

The Ingredients

Quinton measures out some vitamin E oil

The final product- a great gift!