Thursday, September 23, 2010

Check Out These Great Photo Club Pictures!

Traci takes a beautiful look at the textures we pass over everyday.

Traci says that when she took this photo, "I was playing around with the camera."

Selena uses light like an expert in this candid portrait.

"I told Traci to look at me and I took a picture really quickly."

Leanna captures a lovely piece of evening light.

"We were waiting for Megan so we played broomball. We tried to hit the small ball in the air."

Megan snaps a dynamic moment at home.

Megan calls this photo 'Life in Waswanipi.'
She says it's, "My cousin Joy playing with the dogs in the yard."

Chantal drums up a comical action shot.

"Silas is running away from the girls," Chantal explains.