Thursday, June 16, 2011

Final YF Hoopla!

Emily and Annik celebrated a year filled with silly geese by adding even more silly to the mix. Our final Youth Fusion event of the year took place last night in the school gym. Bonnie joined us, making a healthy pita pizza snack to accompany the treats baked by Annik and Emily. Students enjoyed a break from studying and exams with good conversation, games of checkers and cards, dancing and an Emily-made goose pinata.We also passed out homemade mint lipbalm and copies of our healthy cooking recipe book. 

Thank you to everyone who joined us yesterday, and throughout the year. Youth Fusion will be back in full-swing next year, so be sure to welcome the next project coordinators as warmly as you welcomed us. Let them know what you liked, what you want to see change and how they can help you.
You've got a place in our hearts and we won't forget you! 

WJHMS Gives Youth Fusion a Sweet Goodbye

The staff and students at WJHMS surprised our Youth Fusion coordinators last week at the final assembly of the year. As a thank you for all of the work they've done this year, Annik and Emily were presented with unique handmade bags and cards from everyone at the school. It was such a wonderful surprise! Thank you so much WJHMS- we've loved our time here and will miss you all!

Thank you Jacques for these photos.