Friday, September 24, 2010

As Promised, more from Orlando

Here we have a compelling essay about the teacher situation at school. Thank you for expressing your opinion so lucidly, Orlando! 

I’d Rather Just Stay Home.

When I wake up first thing in the morning, I like to go to class and work slowly. Go with the flow. I work slowly that first class then speed up on the second, and if anything, do the rest for homework. I do not, however, want to go to class first thing in the morning so I can watch a movie or go to the computer room and play games, I can do that at home!

        The lack of teachers in Willie J. Happyjack Memorial High School (or just School) is upsetting. At some point during the day, we can probably take every student in the school and put them into one class and the classroom still wouldn’t be full. Students are waking up in the morning just to get sent home! I don’t want to walk to the other side of town just to get to school so I can be sent back. And worst of all, if we don’t travel this distance, we get put as absent! We’re marked as Absent for not walking our selves to school so we can get sent home or watch a movie our substitute decided to bring in, which they don’t even do half the time!

And what’s with all these substitutes? Are we really that unreliable that we can’t just sit in class and do some self study? I’ve lost count of the times we’ve been sent home or a substitute was brought in to watch over us. We aren’t kids! We can look after ourselves. A substitute is really just an insult to us, saying “Oh, bring in [Insert Random Name] to substitute for these kids so they don’t fool around.” We’re in our final year of high school now; we know how to be civilized! We’re mature enough to handle an empty classroom!

        Why do we, the students of Willie J. Happyjack Memorial, have to spend our time like this? We have to sit through an entire class watching a movie we may, or may not, have seen already and may, or may not, want to watch. That, or we go to the computer room and have the whole class to do nothing but look at funny pictures on “Google Images” and play flash games on the Internet. I’d rather just stay home and sleep and maybe even do homework (maybe). I’d rather just stay home and play the games I want to play and watch the movies I want to watch. There’s no point in going to class if all we’re doing are things I can easily do at home, minus all the walking and frustration.

        We desperately need a solution to solve this crisis we are having. And by crisis, I mean the lack of teachers and the influx of substitute teachers. If it wasn’t for the attendance, I would not even bother going to class anymore because it’s no longer a place to learn!

Orlando Blacksmith

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