Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sexual Health Public Service Announcement

This semester, in Plamela Clayton's sexual class, the secondary 3 students got a special media assignment! Each team of 4 or 5 students had to create a Public Service Announcement to raise public awareness about sexual health. The targeted audience were secondary 2 students.
Here's the assignment they received followed by the PSA themselves! 

Assignment: For this assignment, in teams, you will be creating an audio Public Service Announcement (PSA) about a subject you’ve covered in your Sexual Health Class.

What is a Public Service Announcement?
Basically, a Public Service Announcement is an advertisement aired on radio or television that is made to raise awareness on a public issue. It is intended to change the attitude of the listener regarding the issue. It is made to make the listeners think about your issue. It is about motivating the targeted audience to act.
It is essentially an ad that instead of selling you a product or a service, is trying to «sell» you an idea or a vision.  It is not made to make profit, but to grab your attention in order to make you change your lifestyle. From the audience’s point of view, a PSA sounds just like any commercial. That is why you have to make it interesting, like any effective commercial. 

Who does it aim at?
Even if the purpose of a PSA is completely different from the purpose of an ad, they both operate in the same way: they try to grab the attention of a targeted section of the audience by using marketing, which is composed of different techniques to persuade the audience.
You can’t make a PSA that aims at everybody. To be effective, your PSA has to be relevant to the audience. And since different groups of people are interested in different things, an interesting and effective PSA can only address a section of the population. For example, a PSA  promoting sobriety will have different tones and will be composed of different elements, whether it is aimed at teenagers or aldults of 40 years old.
When making your PSA, you should always have in mind who you’re targeting.

« PSAs are boring! »
False! Like any advertisements, some PSAs may be boring. If a PSA is boring to you, it may be for two reasons : you’re not part of the targeted audience; or the creator failed at making it interesting. Your job here will be to create a PSA that will be interesting; that will affect the audience. What will make your PSA stand out?

«PSAs are too complicated to make! »
Actually, Public Service Announcements are pretty easy to make! Together we will see what techniques to use in the composition of the script. Then we will learn how to use a computer program called Audacity that will allow us to sequence and mix our different sounds files (voice, music, sound effects).


Here are the PSAs the 6 teams created!:

Asserting Yourself, made by: 
Eternity Gull
Kevin Happyjack
Celeste Otter
Kay-Lynn Nayassit
Harry Otter
Allen Neeposh-Desgagné
Asserting Yourself MP3 File

Protect yourself from STI, made by:
Sam Bowen
Nahab Grant
Cody Wapachee
Celina Happyjack
Protect yourself from STI MP3 File

Use condoms, made by :
Mispun Awashish-Cooper
Nakonee Neeposh
Dylan Saganash
Nigel Gull-Chum
Use condoms MP3 File

Healthy Relationships, made by:
Dana Mathias
Charity Gull
Benoit Blacksmith
April Saganash
Shauna Happyjack
Healthy Relationships MP3 File

Avoid Unplanned Pregnancy, made by: 
Tristan Saganash
Kiana Polson
Brandon Mianscum-Ottereyes
Danielle Grant
Avoid Unplanned Pregnancy MP3 File

Waiting to be ready, made by:
Miah Otter Lord
Katelin Gull Trapper
Lyric Oblin-Moses
Kristen Happyjack
Waiting to be ready MP3 File

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