Sunday, October 16, 2011

Student Council

The votes are in and student council positions at Willie J Happyjack Memorial School have been decided!   Darius Happyjack (Sec. 5 Engl) has been voted in as the new student council president and Adrian Gunner (Sec. 4 Engl) is the new vice-president.  Chrisann Wapachee (Sec. 2 Engl) has taken the position of student council treasurer and Robin Gull-Saganash (Sec. 2 Fr) will be busy with money matters this year as the student council treasurer. In addition, Frank Dixon (Sec. 4 Fr), Amanda Mayappo (Sec. 5 Fr), Simona Trapper (Sec. 1 Fr),  Derek Weizineau (Sec. 4 Engl), Myles Happyjack (Transit. Engl), Tyrell Saganash (Transit. Engl), Keyshawn Blacksmith (Sec. 3 Fr), Karl Belanger (Sec. 1 Engl) and Wabagoon Icebound (Transit. Fr) will be representing their peers as class representatives. Furthermore, the student council now has a special events planning committee, composed of  Darian Moore (Transit. Engl), Robin Gull (Transit. Engl), Tyler Lariviere (Sec. 2 Engl), Austin Cheezo (Sec. 2 Engl), Kevin Happyjack (Sec. 3 Engl), Nahab Grant (Sec. 3 Engl), Eternity Gull (Sec. 3 Engl), Allan Icebound (Sec. 4 Engl), Terrence Dixon (Sec. 4 Engl), Mike Mowatt (Sec. 5 Engl), Kyle Blacksmith (Sec. 5 Engl), Mequin Ottereyes (Sec. 5 Engl), Shannon Wapachee (Sec. 5 Engl), Manoel Dixon (Sec. 1 Fr), and Jordy Dumoulin (Sec. 5 Fr).

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