Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Waswanipi Day!

A packed tent for the talent show.
Last Friday, Waswanipi celebrated 33 years in its current location. Waswanipi Day was actually two days of celebration. There were games for children, arts and crafts tables, food for sale and shows of strength and talent over Friday and Saturday. The talent show on Friday night featured some acts we're familiar with; Adrian, Miah, Ashley, Elijah and many more performed under bright lights for the packed tent. What a great weekend!
Performing a song.

A dog anticipates the tasty bear roasting over the fire.

Andrew displays his beautiful moose-antler goose carving

The arts and craft table. Making sling-shots and canoe paddles

Tyrone's pumped for the bungee jumping

He finally gets his turn!

Look who we ran into.

What a cool bunch :)

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