Thursday, March 24, 2011

Public Speaking

Last night, at Rainbow Elementary, seven students from the high school participated in the local Public Speaking Competetition. There were three categories: Cree, English and French. The contestants had to pick from a list of topics and give a speech 5 to 7 minutes long.

Elijah began the evening with a speech about youth apathy.

Next was Kayla, with a moving piece about her brother recently diagnosed with ADHD.

Kurtis' speech in Cree was about life as a teen in 2011.

Orlando offered another perspective on youth apathy.

Melody addressed the audience in French, speaking of life as a teenager in 2011.

Kevin, dressed sharply for the occasion, spoke of his plans if he were chief of Waswanipi.

Kehoe was the final contestant of the evening, speaking about teenage life, this time in English.

 The judges deliberate.

The audience anxiously awaits the results!

The winners of the evening were:
Kurtis - Cree
Elijah - English
Melody - French

The winners will present their speeches at the regional competition in Ouje-Bougamau in April. Congrats to all participants, your words made for a great evening!

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