Friday, October 15, 2010

Mid-October, Already!?

The school year is passing so quickly! This week we had cameras taken out every night and the Artists of Waswanipi returned them with some great work. Check it out below!

Images of Fall

Chantal focused in close on some fall colour. 

Eternity captured some early morning sun.

Selena also works with the sunburst a little later in the day. 

Miah built a beautiful tri-coloured image.

Miah also caught this interesting perspective shot at the iconic Waswanipi bridge.

 Experimenting with her flash, Miah gives us a romantic look at the evergreen tree.


Eternity gets up close and personal with her dog and produces this humorous portrait.

The following series of portraits was taken by Meagan. She did a great job of snapping the character of her little relatives!

Continuing her experiments with light, Miah plays with shadows, to great effect!

Terry does a great job of framing movement, and of capturing a dynamic moment in this worker's day.

Traci fashions her own frame for Meagan, but wait, this isn't the first time she's done it! Here's an earlier photo, also by Traci, in which she experiments with alternate frames!

Great job this week! Next week we are sending home the first newspaper of the year where we showcase even more photos and writing from these students. If you want to participate come on out to the Youth Fusion office between classes or after school. Looking forward to hanging out!

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