Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Photo Club Scavenger Hunt

This week's photo club involved a photography scavenger hunt around Waswanipi. Equipped with cameras and the following list we set out on the hunt!

1.  3 dogs together (they must be in the same frame)
2. a sign that says “Waswanipi” on it
3. two people hugging
4. someone making a funny face
5. an interesting-looking tree
6. some beautiful flowers
7. a discarded toy
8. a motor boat
9. a bunch of blueberries
10. a person driving an ATV
11. an animal’s footprint on the ground
12. a bird
13. a bicycle
14. a teepee
15. your favorite building in Waswanipi 

Here are some of the stunning photos that were captured that afternoon.

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