Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Chisasibi Mini Basketball and Mini Soccer Tournament

Twenty students from the elementary and high schools visited Chisasibi from April 1-3 for a weekend of sports. The Waswanipi teams were great - winning gold medals in Boys Soccer and Hockey, and Girls Hockey. The Girls also won silver in Soccer. Way to go team! And a huge thanks to James Bay Eeyou School for the great weekend!

Glorianna, our star goalie, warms up.

The boys team warms up for the big game.

Chisasibi's team warms up.

The scoreboard.

Waswanipi Girls in first place!

The gold medal game begins.

Go Lady Hawks!

We won!

Now for the boys: gold medal soccer game.

The girls show off their silver medal soccer banner.

Time out - two minutes left and we're leading 1 - 0...


Another great victory for the boys!

The games are over, and we're waiting for the medal ceremony.

Signing the champion banner.

The girls wear their medals and hold the champion hockey banner with pride.

The boys show off their gold medal winnings.

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  1. Congratulations to all players who participated in practices in preparation for the Mini-Floor Hockey & Mini-Soccer 2011.

    Congratulations to all players that went to Chisasibi. Resuts:
    Waswanipi won 21 games out of 24
    Waswanipi won 3 Gold & 1 Silver
    Waswanipi had 3 MVP's & 5 All-Star Individual Awards!

    That is awesome! Special thanks to Emily Kashul who was great for looking after all the students, making sure everyone was on time and well fed!

    Next year, keep coming to practices and we will win more!!