Friday, March 4, 2011

Mask-Makers of Waswanipi

This week, some students began a multi-step mask-making workshop.

Part 1 - Making Masks

Using plaster cloth, the students made casts of their hands, fingers and faces.

Donovan waits patiently as his mask is made.

Antonio experiments with plaster, making a cast of his hand

Robin and Traci adjust Traci's mask

 Part 2 - Decorating

After the masks of hardened, the artists have a chance to decorate. Here's some of the work!

The group hard at work

Painting, molding, making masks.

Ashley showcases her multicoloured hand!

Masked jokers!

Chantel took this one - capturing the colour and texture of her mask.
Way to go everybody - your masks are beautiful! Now, we're looking forward to making horror movies, doing some storytelling and maybe even a masquerade ball!

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